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A Tribe Called Quest - Go Ahead In The Rain

Rain all day
 Rain all day
 Don't you worry

 All I wanna do is get down y'all, have a ball y'all and freak, freak y'all
 Lifeless ventures ain't new boo, so don't boo hoo yeah, you too
 Gotta get a grip like culture, swoop down, swoop down like a vulture
 The rhythms will lurk into people, all funk ain't created equal
 Lookin' for the beat to rupture, like the rapture, gotta capture

 Don't let the storm of life scare ya, get funky, let me prepare ya
 For the days of grimness and oppression, a yo bro, here's your lesson
 Even though the rain starts pourin', start reachin', start soarin'
 Don't stop, if you do, you're stallin', rhythm savior, hear ya callin'
 Instrumental to be freaky, go ahead in the rain and you'll see

 Can't we make you see? I mean, the fact that is the key, I mean
 Devoted to the art of movin' butts, so get on up and
 Think about what's yours, I mean your culture and your laws
 I mean, I label you a sucka if you're dumber, just stay dumber but
 Stay in line and keep groovin' if it's movin', if it's soothin'

 Don't let a little thing like rain keep you unda or the funda, look at wonda
 Stomp 'til your soul is lifted, get with it, rhythm's with it
 Get inside the groove and get nasty, funky nasty, crazy classy
 Money is a first on the list here, it's the good time, it's the good cheer
 If you got the ride then ride it, don't hide it, provide it
 Drop, drop, drop down the pants, shake your fanny

 'Cuz it's handy, not an Annie
 Rock to the roll with the hair down, get the lowdown, rhythm showdown
 The simple explanation is Nada, make it hotter, thanks, De Nada
 If you wanna hear what I'm sayin'
 Clean your ears and just come on and groove

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