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Axel Rudi Pell - Hole In The Sky

Hole In The Sky

Deep in the night, the silent screaming is
callin out 2 u
disaster is heading your way, u just don't know.
how could we see the crimson spiral would
penetrate the blue
the heavens above present an afterglow.

Now how could we all take
take 4 granted the great beyond?

How will we survive, oh, how will we carry on?
hole in the sky, don't trust your shadow
hole in the sky, it's only fantasy
hole in the sky, there's nowhere left 2 go
hole in the sky, no chance 4 u & me

Factory waste dissolves in the air
blue skies are turnin' black,
the burn in your eyes are reflections of what
is 2 come.

Some just don't know, but most just don't care
until it is all just 2 late
the ozone is crying 4 mercy from everyone

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