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Bloodbath - Stillborn Saviour

In darkest times when evil ruled
Salvation out of sight
Three wise men had seen the sign
To end eternal night 

Life... Awaiting signs from the one
Death... The very essence of fear
Find... They're on a quest for the place
Where... The son of God will rise 

Stillborn Savior
Prayers in vain
Stillborn Savior
Now he will return 

The prophecies were only lies
Hell moves into paradise
All your prayers weren't worth much
He was denied his birth 

The ancient Gods reclaim the Earth
And chaos reigns supreme
The reaper took the heaven sent
And ended life serene 

Nothing can free the world
Forever captured in the dark
Nothing can save the Earth
The creatures of the dead will arise
Feasting upon mankind
Humanity is soon extinct
Desolation soon complete
The darkest one has been enthroned 

Infernal death, a world in flames
No humans stand a chance
The pure ones fell into the abyss
On dead angels demons dance 

Hell is here
A force you can't defeat
Born from fear
Betrayal and deceit

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