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Alastis - The Right To Die

They've tried to do submissive servants
They've just succeed in doing fanatics
They've tried to do soulless killers
They've just succeed in reviving fire

God isn't better than the others
Adjust yourself and think to survive
World is cruel, I'm the world
Watch out for me, I'm the Devil
To eat before to be...
World is cruel, I'm the world
Watch out for me, my ace is hate
I'll kill you because you are...

You're dead but something's missing

My soul purged from all beliefs
I can't feel regrets or remorse
Purged from all feelings
I can't feel pity or compassion...

I don't need to prove my views
I don't care about critics, I don't care about critics
I live and follow one's destiny,
You believe I'm just a fanatic,
and think that I'm sure to be immortal
Leave your dreams and follow my thoughts
Believe me, I'm fighting to win the right to die
The right to never begin again!

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