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Keyshia Cole - Where would we

I been down before
Many times before
And then again
Keep on, don't let nobody steal ya joy
Oh no!
I don't wanna be, I don't wanna be
Just another woman from these streets
I can't help the cards I'm dealt
Oh no!
But it's up to me to change my life
And everything around me
See I'm workin on me
And I'm seeing myself
Where I want me to be
But nothing's gonna change
Unless I start with me
And I'm starting today

And I'm making a change
And I ain't tryna say
That I don't need love
Cuz where would be without it?
Oh where would

We go? (Where would we go?)
Where will we go? Go (C'mon) (Where will we go?)

I was runnin around tryna find myself
Or either Frankie within the city's radius
People would make fun
But it made no difference to me
Cuz love is love
That's where life began to sink in
Do what you gotta do, and you gotta do something
I coulda took the easy way out
I didn't really wanna take that route
On my way here,
Ran into some things were no good for me
Some ups and downs, smiles and trials
Things you got through to become who you are
I didn't really find too many friends
But the ones I had I cherish
And out of those three, I can really say
That one's til the end of time

And I know
Life's so
Life can be so
Hard on ya soul
But without love where will we go?

We go? (Do you need it?)
Where will we go? Go (Where will we go?)

Do you need it?
I need it
Do you need love?
Gotta take some time out
(We go?
Where will we go? Go)
I took a little time
To get to know me
(We go?
Where will we go? Go)
Can you dig it?
Can you feel me?
Well put your hands in the air
One time

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