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Дата: 2 июля 2015, Просмотров: 1024

36 Crazyfists - Reviver

Another wave crashes down, found alone.
They were always meant to... make amends
Another year comes crashing down,
With all the weight and all the sound
Where the water exits high and leaves forgiven
It goes on and on and on
Wait wait! Can i get it back from this?
Unfold the lives, a haze dismissed
Where I couldn't remember, no I Couldn't remember
the way I used to be
With this, always back alive
With this, I'll be back alive
Left to write

I wait for angels, reappear (reappear)
To bring back bravery from fear (from fear)
And the silence, the grey
To resurface on us, and come what may

it took time to figure my escape,
withdraw pain and my distaste
When the battles became more than I could take,
and it goes on and on and on

Wait wait, cause I'm coming back from this
memories of life and loss exist
And I could always remember, yes
I will always remember
The way you used to be

Wit this, always back alive (x2)
Left to right


And come what may! (x2)

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