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Blue System - Two Hearts Beat As One

Babe, Im singing just for you - a serenade in blue

See my emotion

Oh you, you kiss me no return

I see the candles burn

Feel my devotion

Oh, I see my heart is tumblin down

Baby, you make this whole world go around

Baby, I know babe what should never be

Kiss me, hold me baby till eternity

Oh lover - two hearts beat as one

Its like burning fire

Lover - lady of the dark

Cant you feel the desire

Come with me to a serenade in blue

Oh, dont set me free

I will kiss you - I will give you heaven too

Babe, Im not a souvenir

Im drowning in my tears

See my emotion

Oh, thats no way to say goodbye

Silence starts to cry - feel my devotion

Oh, why cant I find the paradise ? 

Baby, I know that good love never dies

Baby, now - oh, this love will turn out fine

Kiss me - hold me baby

Now its our time

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