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Cliff Richard - Had To Be

Had to be
No escape, no room for doubt
No way out
Seeing you, it was easy to decide
Cut and dried
Had to be
Now we know why we exist
Don't resist, don't even think at all
Simply fall
In love
This is what
Had to be

She was easy to seduce
Let her loose
In a world where the fake and shallow shine
She'll be fine
Had to be
She's a woman, nothing more
Falling for whatever comes along
She's so wrong
A fool
To herself

Had to be

Don't ever tell me
How to live my life, tell me who I should love
No don't ever tell me
What to say or do in the life I will share with you

Had to be (No-one can tell me)
For we get what we deserve (How I should live
my life)
Lose your nerve (No-one can tell me)
And fates hustle in and take control (or take
Of your soul
Had to be
But the spark of hope remains
And sustains the echo of a smile
For a while (No-one can tell me)
We're fools
To ourselves - have to be (No-one has told me)
We're fools (It had to be)
To ourselves
Had to be

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