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Adam Lambert - These Are Your Rights

Back before 1789
We had to make the constitution a law
But I refused to sign on the line
Until we had amended a flaw
A big one

See, we just had a king who was crazy with power
We fought a whole war to break free
I said, "You want me to sign it, we've gotta refine it
So it can't be used against me
Let's limit what this government can do
(Let's limit what this government can do)
And make sure it always works for me and you!"
(Make sure it always works for me and you)

These are your rights!
I wrote 'еm down!
So that you'll never bow down to a crown
Thesе are freedoms you have every day
Because of the Bill of Rights
No one can take 'em away ([?])

Number ONE!
We made a glorious mess (We made a glorious mess)
And gave the people freedom of speech (Gave the people freedom of speech)
We also did the same for the press
And for all religions, you wanna preach

The second amendment's the right to bear arms
Which were very different back in my day
Today's guns have led to a raging debate
And everybody must have their say

Number three - we all don't know so well
It says soldiers cannot use our homes as their hotel

These are your rights!
Hip hip hooray
They make the USA the USA
It's a good start but there's many more
What are we up to, three?
Let's start into four

The cops can't enter your home
Unless they have a reason and a warrant to look
They can't take away your stuff or tap your phone
If they do, they have to go by the book
Everyone's heard of pleading the fifth
They get that from amendment five (The right to stay silent)
Then there's due process, the right to a trial
Six and seven keep justice alive
Number eight is a simple and serious rule
That if you are punished it cannot be cruel
My favorite amendment's nine and ten
Say all other rights
Not mentioned here
Revert to the people again
(And there's been more amendments, the constitution's never done)

These are your rights
They keep you free
They keep our country a democracy
People test them every day; it's true
That's where it comes to you

These are your rights
Learn what they are
They may not be perfect but they've worked so far
In a world that's changing every day
We gotta keep up the fight
They're your Bill of Rights!
For your Bill of Rights!
Don't let 'em take 'em away

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