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Дата: 17 сентября 2016, Просмотров: 812

Band Of Horses - Dilly

Just the mentioning of such a simple phrase.
Are we passengers
On separated trains?
Take the mask off when you speak to me.
And I'm alright to go on,
It's the little things.
But anymore, you've become
A parable to everyone, everyone...

I'm reeling in the wrong day,
Getting behind it,
Why didn't I think
"what in the world?"
It really took a tall one to see it,
Two to believe it,
Three to just get in the way...

All your life to think of
What a mess you made,
Dig a hole in the ground for your wedding ring,
Rainmaker call,
Throw your hammer down....
And everything that I know
Can't remember now.
Anymore, you've become
Inherent of another one, another one...


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